Siirry suoraan sisältöön

Rooftop sauna


The rooftop sauna is intended ONLY for the tenants of  P1, P2 & P4. The sauna cannot be reserved for organizing events or gatherings of clubs, guilds or other similar associations.


Book a suitable date according to the instructions, wait for an approval message and borrow the key from a tenant council member. The reservation (24 h) begins at 12:00 on the day of reservation and ends at 12:00 on the following day.

Read the Rules and instructions before booked evening – those are refreshed 2022.

Cleansing instructions will be updated soon

POAS General rules 


at the beginning fill up CHECK IN – document 

Sauna can be used every day of week: Sunday-Thursday  15.30-22.00 and Friday-Saturday 15.30-23.00. NOTE: Silence begins at 22:00 from Sunday to Thursday/ 23:00 from Friday to Saturday and this has to be acknowledged.

The sauna is turned on from the switch next to the doorphone in the common room. Once the timer reaches zero, the sauna turns off and cannot be reheated within the same evening. The maximum heating time in the switch is 6 hours.


Clean up rooftop sauna and make sure everything is locked and shut down like it is mentioned in rules/instructions.

The cleanliness and equipment of the rooftop sauna must be in its original state before the next reservation begins. You will find the necessary cleaning equipment from the facilities. Cleanliness and order must be followed,  the equipment and movables in the rooftop sauna must be handled appropriately. For any gathering held at the sauna, the person organizing and booking the sauna must be a tenant of one of the abovementioned houses. That person is responsible for the sauna during the reservation, and also responsible for their guests.

Fill up CHECK out – document

Return the key – The borrowed key must be returned within 24 hours.

Breaking the sauna booking-, usage- or cleaning instructions will result in a ban on the use of the rooftop sauna.

facilities and equipment

Kitchen, common room, sauna, shower room with 3 shower heads, dressing room, 2 WCs, terrace, cleaning closet and a small storage.


Insinöörinkatu 19 (P4), 6th floor

You can access the rooftop sauna with the elevator on the side of Insinöörinkatu, the one close to the corner where M-Room is located. This is the only elevator that reaches the 6th floor.

 In order to open the outside door for guests, they can call the doorphone of the sauna by using the apartment code. You will receive this code upon confirmation message. Do not mark down the code to the outside doors! Share the code to your guests by other means.

Remember to instruct those who arrive by car about the parking options.

Reserving the rooftop sauna

Decide the date you want to place the reserving: You can check the reservation situation of the rooftop sauna  from the reservation calendar at

The reservation can be used every day of week. It includes 24 hours; begins at 12:00 on the day of reservation and ends at 12:00 on the following day. Note: You can reserve the rooftop sauna 6 months before the date of the event at earliest.

Loaning and returning of the key 

Remember to talk with a member of the tenant council about loaning the key one or two days before your reservation. You can do this either via text message or Telegram. 

Nobody in the tenant council is on call 24/7 which means that you can’t assume that you will get the key immediately when you need it, so please do this in advance. 

You can find the tenant council’s contact information in Kodinportaali under the tenant council tab or website, also from Telegran groupchat (Key owners and council membership can be seen right next to the names (like ASTMK + AV4). 

After the reservation the rooftop sauna key must be returned within one day from the end of your reservation. Please remember to agree about returning the key when loaning it.